Bottle Gourd and Its Benefits

It is mostly a summer vegetable, which is truly beneficial for health. Bottle gourd is connected with a number of health benefits. The mild and cool effect of this vegetable keeps your body relaxed throughout the summer season. Since a long time, bottle gourd has been used to treat a number of health problems.

In spite of gourd not being too tasty, it can offer a number of health benefits. The water content in this vegetable is nearly 96% and is also rich in iron, dietary fibers and phosphorus. And of course, it very rich in Vitamin C.

Bottle gourd contains fiber that helps in preventing health issues such as piles, constipation and gastric problems. It is recommended that people suffering from diabetes and digestion should add it in their everyday diet. The juice of this vegetable is also used in various other ayurvedic medicines.

Bottle gourd can prove to be very helpful for people who are in the process of losing weight. As it is low in calories and fats and rich in fiber, one should daily drink a glass of bottle gourd juice on empty stomach. Doing this will help you in curbing your appetite.

This vegetable helps in minimizing problems related to urine. To keep a control on urinary problems, one should daily drink a glass of bottle gourd juice with a tea spoon of lime juice mixed in it. The cooling effect of the juice helps to curb the burning sensation caused due to urine infection.

Insomnia can also be reduced by eating gourd regularly. Gourd juice mixed with sesame oil proves to be a very good medicine for insomnia. The cooked leave of this vegetable is good for insomnia. To treat insomnia the leaves of bottle gourd can be cooked and eaten as a vegetable.

Over and above, it is very effective in treating skin problems and preventing untimely graying of hair. It is very advantageous if taken during jaundice and is effective in curing kidney problems as well. A glass of gourd juice satisfies thirst and gives energy.

It is very nutritious and at the same time low in calories and fats. Everyone should try and include this vegetable in their regular diet. Compliment your diet by eating bottle gourd everyday because it purifies your body and keeps you healthy all throughout.