Recycling Glass Bottles and Jars

Disposing of glass bottles and jars in your home recycling bins that are specially meant for collecting glass is very important when the waste material is taken to recycling center. Items such as Stackable recycling bins help in sorting the waste material efficiently and reducing time spent in recycling. Most curbside recycling bins and rollout carts are tough enough for the glass items. Glass bottles and jars accounts to 30% of the total waste and disposing them properly not only contributes in recycling but also helps to save energy.

Glass comes in three different colors: colorless, green and amber (brown); all of them are made differently and so cannot be recycled together. Metals, corks, plastics, ceramics, papers when mixed with glass cannot only result in substandard glass but can also cause damage to the furnace used to melt the glass mixture. Trying to recycle them together can lead to contamination and reduction in quality of the glass.

Almost every product made of glass i.e. glass containers, jars, medicine bottles, glass food containers are good for recycling. However mirrors, window glass, light bulb, glass table ware and products where glass is blended with other non-glass materials should not be recycled.

Tips to effectively dispose glass bottles and jars:

o Always make sure that the glass bottles and jars you want to be recycled are clean; if not, rinse them properly, only when they are clean, they should be deposited in the recycle bins. This will save potential contamination in the future.
o Make sure that you have taken all labels off the glass bottles and jars. One good idea is to soak them overnight, the next day the labels can be peeled off easily.
o In case of bottles, make sure that all non-glass parts are taken off, such as metal, plastic or cork cap, and metal strip around the bottle neck; the aim is to put only glass in the recycle bin.
o The next step would be to segregate the glass products according to their colors: colorless, amber and green. You are now ready to dispose them, make sure that you put them in their respective containers.

Glass waste is generated everywhere – homes, offices, hotels, and public places etc. There are various bins that are suitable for disposing glass. To help users dispose glass waste in the correct recycling bin, decals indicating “Glass Only” can be used on them. You can find high quality recycling containers for all kinds of waste at discounted rates.

Collectibles Bottles For Fun and Profit

Collectibles bottles are especially easy to collect. You never know when and where you will find your next collectible bottle. No matter whether you are collecting as a hobby or if you are a serious collector, you never get over the thrill of discovering a new find.

People collect many types of different collectibles bottles. When you are collecting you can choose to focus your collection on a certain type of glass, or a certain manufacturer of the bottles, or a certain time frame, such as Civil War bottles, or however you choose to organize your collection. Or you can collect certain types of collectibles bottles such as vintage perfume bottles, Coca-Cola bottles, Chinese snuff bottles, poison bottles, medicine bottles, and the list goes on.

When first starting out, search through your house, you might be surprised at what you will find. Look in your attic, or garage, in your laundry room and in your kitchen. Then look in your old china and knick knacks. For example, I found the collectibles bottles that I didn’t know I had in my dining room. You never know where they will crop up.

You might start keeping an eye out at yard sales, flea markets and thrift stores for collectibles bottles. You have to be picky and do your research though. I suggest you use the Internet at first to browse about the different types of collections. Then, once you become serious, invest a small amount in a bottles guide, a book which helps identify and price bottles.

If using an auction site such as eBay to buy collectibles bottles, use the same common sense that you always do when shopping on an auction site. Avoid impulse buying, check out the seller’s reputation, check out how the seller presents him/herself.

If you are selling collectibles bottles on an auction site, set your bids at a reasonable price, make sure your descriptions are accurate and your pictures are clear, choose an appropriate payment method, and check out your buyer’s reputation.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to research what you have first. Research the history of the company that made the bottle, or the product of the type of bottles you are searching for. Many early bottles sell for several hundred to several thousand dollars. Often, dishonest dealers will try to sell fake merchandise. You should be careful and keep an eye out for fakes.

When you shop for your collectibles bottles remember that condition and rarity count toward making a bottle more valuable. If a bottle is one that originally came with packaging, such as a perfume bottle, remember that the presence of the original packaging can greatly impact the price; the bottle is worth much more with the packaging.

It goes without saying that the older the bottle the better. Those collectibles bottles that are very old, pre-19th century especially, are of course the most valued. Perfume bottles that are handmade or signed by the maker can also demand higher prices.

If you decide to look into the world of collectible bottles, you will surely become fascinated with the many types of bottles that are collected.